-Our Mission-

Building a community of fathers and mothers that promote surfing and the outdoors with their kids. As outdoors enthusiasts, we believe that opportunities to get kids to the beach, on hikes, or to the park are essential for proper growth and development.

Howdy, I'm Gene!

I’m a father, explorer, and steadfast.

Growing up surfing near Playalinda Beach, Florida, I developed a passion for adventure and a little danger. Whether that’s scuba diving, traveling, camping, or hiking, the outdoors has always been a place I feel most alive.

Time Well Spent

This passion led to my decision to follow in my father's footsteps and join the service and carry on our military legacy as a third-generation airman. I’ve had opportunities to travel the world and experienced unique moments with some of the most incredible men and women I know.

While serving in the military, I got married and we had a son. Spending a third of our marriage and son’s life apart from them for deployments and training led us to start Thresher & Co.

Mission After The Mission

We only have a few years during the early ages of our son’s life to instill in him our same passion for the outdoors, where we have learned to be mindful and present where our feet are so life doesn’t pass us by.

Find Your Wave Or Make One.

At Thresher & Co., we believe that your best experiences are ahead of you and we exist to help you cultivate a passion for outdoor adventures in the next generation, starting at home with your family.

Afterall, being parents, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts isn’t just part of what we do, it’s written on our soul.

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